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solar, energy storage, air conditioning, and energy efficiency

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Residential Solar Installs

We specialize in designing the perfect solar system for your home. We analyze your electric bill and available space and create a system that will save you money for 25+ years while protecting you from electric rate inflation. Ask us about the countless additional benefits, tax incentives, and potential utility rebates.

Commercial Solar Installs

Solar is not just for homes. There are incredible tax benefits/incentives and tons of potential to save money for commercial solar installations as well. Lock into low rates and predictable monthly electric costs to boost your bottom line. See if solar is a good fit for your business.

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Off-grid and battery backup

Be prepared for anything by pairing solar with energy storage for your home or business. Off-Grid and Battery Backup systems will keep you up and running if the grid goes down providing peace of mind and running the essentials such as lights, refrigerators, freezers, and security systems.


Smartfrog air conditioner by perfectly green corp

This revolutionary new product in the field of heating and air conditioning will change the game. Up to 23 SEER, Solar Ready, and comes with a built in Standby Generator to keep you cool and the essentials running if the power goes out. Every Texan should have one of these on their home. Did we mention it’s eligible for the federal solar tax credit if it’s installed with the optional plug and play solar?

Blown in attic insulation

Loose blown insulation in your attic can make an incredible difference in your power bills. Make your home more comfortable and extend the life of your HVAC equipment by limiting the amount of time it runs in the summer and winter months.

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solar attic fans

Keeping your home cool is much easier if you can keep the hot air out of your attic. Unlike passive venting, a solar attic fan will actively pull that hot air up and out of your attic space and make it easier to keep your living space comfortable.