Our Products


These are a few of our our preferred products, but our extensive dealer network gives us access to many other brands and types of equipment if you are interested in something you don’t see below such as Panasonic, Canadian Solar, SolarEdge, or SMA.


LG Solar

Choosing a panel can be a daunting task. Comparing bank-ability, warranties, and aesthetics is time consuming and difficult. That’s why LG is our go-to solar panel. They have industry leading 25 year warranties, excellent efficiency, and are consistently ranked as a top 3 option for panels. They are also one of the best looking panels on the market.


Enphase Energy

Inverters are the most underrated component in your solar system. It is the workhorse that converts the DC energy from the panels to the AC power used in your home. They are the most likely point of failure and require careful consideration. We use Enphase because they warranty their product for 25 years and have excellent monitoring capabilities to keep an eye on your investment.



How your system is attached to your home is overlooked by many solar contractors when explaining your system, but we think it is extremely important. Ironridge uses aluminium flashings to prevent leaks and mounts directly into the rafters with lag bolts for extreme strength in the worst conditions. In fact, all Ironridge installations are rated for a MINIMUM of 90mph winds.