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Texas Commercial Solar Installer

Why should I iNstall a solar system?

Solar for your business isn’t just about saving money on your electric bill. While installing solar panels at your business can drastically cut energy bills (Or even eliminate them!), they also have many additional benefits:

Benefit #1 - Predictable, Levelized Energy Costs- Running a business is inherently unpredictable. Any opportunity to be able to control that is worth looking at. Solar panels provide a chance to take a highly variable expense, your electricity, and make it something that can be controlled. Whether financed or paid for in full, you know what you’re going to get and exactly what it costs for the next 25+ years.

Benefit #2 - Demonstrate your commitment to sustainability - Customers look for companies that share their values. Sustainability and environmental consciousness are important issues today, and people take note of the companies that exhibit a commitment to those values. There’ a reason that many of the largest companies in America have begun to invest in solar energy, and also a reason why they make a point to mention it in their advertisements. Commercial solar isn’t just for the big guys. Don’t miss an opportunity while there are still such excellent rebates and incentives. 

Benefit #3 - Save Money - Maybe most importantly, solar for your business can save you money. Through net metering, solar panels directly offset your electricity usage even if you aren’t producing the power at the exact time that you’re using it. With solar panels, we can produce your power for less than what it costs from the electric company. There are also still very lucrative solar incentives. A federal tax credit of 30% (stepping down annually after 2019), a state franchise tax credit of 10% (if applicable), and numerous utility company rebates from utilities such as Oncor, Denton Municipal Electric, Coserv, and others. In certain circumstances we have seen companies get more than 50% of their system covered through various solar grants and incentives.

Benefit #4 - Stay competitive - The sun is a near-infinite source of energy, and a key component to energy independence in the United States. The global energy market is a very unstable market, able to turn on a dime at any given moment. By installing a solar system, you are making a step toward energy independence. Not only will solar save you money, but it can also be a safety net for your business; hedging against sudden changes in the energy market.